• Artistile_Portfolio


    ArtisTile depicts an upscale look that reflects old-world craftsmanship with a clean, new look. The scrollwork and brush imply a high level of artistry with a tile and spacer anchoring it in the middle. The yellow triangular symbol is gold foiled and adirections’ printing expertise made this an effective and elegant detail.

  • Bodnar_Branding

    Marian Bodnar Studio

    Marian Bodnar, a voice and acting coach, wanted a logo that was fun yet sophisticated. The challenge was to find a way to depict her personality in the branding — which was solved using the masks’ facial expression.

  • CSDF_Branding

    Children’s Skin Disease Foundation

    Children’s Skin Disease Foundation — This logo depicts the hope that the organization provides to children with debilitating skin diseases. It addresses an uncomfortable topic in an upbeat fashion.

  • F53_Branding


    F53 is a surfboard manufacturer that needed two logos — one for the traditional Hawaiian longboards and one for their edgy, new shortboards. Yet they required an element of cohesiveness to tie the brands together and to intersect modern logo design with an old world feel.

  • FlouredApron_Branding

    Floured Apron Bakery

    Floured Apron Bakery needed a custom branding design that was quaint and homey like the bakery. Their motto is “love in every bite,” which is expressed in the apron string embracing the logotype.

  • Imron_Branding

    Imron Corporation

    Imron’s logo conveys the image of high-tech security and surveillance combined with a powerfully bold corporate look. Your facility is protected by its watchful eye. This successful design is the culmination of exploring numerous branding ideas.

  • JobStapler_Branding

    Job Stapler

    Job Stapler connects people with job opportunities. The goal was a modern, Web look that was distinctive. A squared-off, slab serif is reminiscent of a staple while remaining young and kicky. Experienced design instinct made this a fast, easy branding design process.

  • Meridien_Branding


    Meridien Communications specializes in global internal communications. This logo was designed to represent the global nature of the company.

  • Minassian_Branding

    Patricia Minassian

    Patricia Minassian was looking for a logo that would convey the excitement she creates with her marketing programs along with her keen ability to reach a target audience and the ripple effect of that marketing.

  • PartnersInVision_Branding

    Partners In Vision

    Partners In Vision is an investment company that marries the client’s vision with its resources to create a successful and powerful partnership which is symbolized by the dual colored arc that meets in the center. The partnership is under this visionary umbrella. The client was ecstatic with the smooth design process.

  • Pelindaba_Branding


    Pelindaba is a lavender farm in the San Juan Islands. In honor of his heritage, the South African born owner gave the farm this Zulu name because it means “place of great gathering.” Their landmark is an immense cupola under which there are great gatherings of crops and of people. Pelindaba loves the way this vision is graphically translated.

  • PR-Divas_Branding

    PR Divas

    PR Divas is an organization of elite PR professionals who put the glamorous and finishing touch on communication. The font used is American Typewriter, which harkens to the days when all press releases were produced on a typewriter.

  • SAGE_Branding

    SAGE Business Consulting

    SAGE Business Consulting offers wise yet creative solutions to business puzzles. The box design is an optical illusion that shows different ways to look at problems — which illustrates adirections’ problem-solving abilities. adirections also developed the business name.

  • StadiumDog_Branding

    Stadium Dog

    Stadium Dog is a gourmet hot dog restaurant. They wanted a logo with an old ballpark feel that also was edgy enough to appeal to a younger crowd. Additionally, it needed to have individual elements that could be pulled out of the complete logo and used for different purposes. Anticipating your branding needs is an important leg in this journey

  • AllerganFoundation_Print

    Allergan Foundation

    Allergan Foundation Annual Report — This award-winning publication educates the community about Allergan’s commitment to community improvement and how to obtain grants from the foundation. The message is easily conveyed via highlighted text, pulled quotes and accent words pull the reader’s eye through the book.

  • AllerganMag_Print

    Allergan Magazine

    Allergan Magazine — This award-winning publication is used to communicate Allergan’s image to employees, prospective talent and investors. It is a great example of how the technical articles can be interesting through the use of creative layouts.

  • AssistanceLeague_Print

    Assistance League

    Assistance League Annual Report — Various programs are showcased to inform the community and encourage donations toward these services. Accent bubbles throughout the annual report highlight the most important aspects of their message. Working with this committee of dedicated and talented women is a pleasure.

  • BrightNow-VIBE_Print

    Bright Now VIBE

    Bright Now! Dental VIBErations Newsletter — Here is another award-winning newsletter that is used to celebrate the extraordinary efforts of Bright Now! Dental’s most dedicated employees. The company wanted a cutting-edge grunge look to match the theme of their annual awards event.

  • FENB_Print

    Far East National Bank

    Far East National Bank wanted to focus on renewing relationships and opening windows of relationship opportunity in the Pacific Rim. The cover design emphasizes this via die cut windows in the cover with friendly business people showing through.

  • GSW-Pipeline_Print
  • Harley_Davidson_Print

    Harley Davidson

    Harley-Davidson Sweepstakes ad — The challenge on this piece was to create an edgy, interesting piece yet fit in all of the information. Stairstepping the dealer locations creates a more effective flow of information and leads the reader to the sales pitch.

  • IngramMicro_Print

    Ingram Micro

    Ingram Micro employee newsletter — Budget cuts required the paring down of a glossy magazine to considerably reduce costs, yet maintain an interesting, colorful publication. The resulting 4-page, self-cover tabloid makes the most out of a standard press sheet and the printer’s press capabilities to meet our goals.

  • Pacificare_Print

    Pacific Care

    PacifiCare, Inside newsletter — Communicating a medical plan in an interesting fashion is challenging. This publication meets and beats the test all while conforming to their color palette.

  • Pacificare_Print2

    Pacific Care

    PacifiCare, Inside newsletter — Communicating a medical plan in an interesting fashion is challenging. This publication meets and beats the test all while conforming to their color palette.

  • RoyalFamKidsCamp_Print

    Royal Family Kids Camp

    Royal Family Kids Camp was looking for a merchandise catalog with a woodsy, outdoor feel to reflect the image of their camp and without the constraint of displaying the images in square catalog-type windows.

  • RSCCD_Print

    Rancho Santiago Community College

    Rancho Santiago Community College District Annual Report —RSCCD’s community education achievements were expressed by using actual case histories with photos of those students overlaid on a photo representing the field of study. Pulled quotes on those pages told the story even if the reader skipped the remaining text.

  • Somak_Print

    Somak Safaris

    Somak Safaris — This travel itinerary was designed to draw the reader into the feel and mystique of a 1930s safari adventure while communicating the thrill and accessibility of Africa. The rich feel of the paper and background conveyed the quality of the travel company.

  • UHC_Print

    United Health Group

    UnitedHealth Group knew its leadership development curriculum would be better received with appealing graphics. They turned to adirections to help increase the effectiveness of this important training vehicle.